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Unity Week: How far would you go to make someone feel accepted and included?

It’sUnity Week and while we’re focused on celebrating inclusion and acceptance, it also has us thinking about all of the people living right here in our community who feel like they don’t belong. For whatever reason, they don’t feel included and maybe they’ve experienced bullying, shaming, or discrimination for simply being who they are. Unity Week is about making those people feel seen, heard, accepted and welcomed.

The Unity Week effort started in 2018 with the concept of building on the anti-bullying movement. In our Out-of-School Time After School Program at Red Mill Elementary, Virginia Beach Parks & Rec team members are working closely with the kids to equip them with the appropriate skills for not just handling bullies themselves, but standing up for their friends when they see acts of bullying happening around them.

We asked several participants what they would do if they saw someone being bullied and here is how they responded:

"I would tell the bully to stop, but i…

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