15 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day in Quarantine

Even in quarantine you can celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day! Below are small changes you can implement in your daily routine or use to teach your family more about the environment. While you are practicing these ideas, take a picture conveying nature and/or an eco-friendly activity and submit it for a chance to win prizes. Stay tuned for those details on our Facebook page.

1. Start a garden with DIY planters made from plastic bottles.

2. Make a bird feeder out of recycled materials like milk cartons, toilet paper rolls or empty water bottles. Check out our other DIY activities and crafts.

3. Experience fresh air by playing outdoor games in your backyard or take a walk or bike ride around the neighborhood.

4. Collect pinecones, sticks, leaves, flower petals and other natural materials outside and transform them into a beautiful art collage.

5. Inspire your family to do some detective work identifying all the plants you encounter while gathering materials for the collage. Visit vbgov.com/trees for more native plants and tree information.

6. While closed, many local organizations are offering online educational experiences. Learn more about the environment by taking virtual tours of the Virginia Aquarium and the Brock Environmental Center.

7. Support your local library by using their free digital resources. If you don’t have a library card; sign up for a temporary digital card.

8. Turn your electronic devices and lights off when not in use to cut energy consumption. Make colorful signs with your kids to leave around the house to remind you about these new goals.

9. Take your energy-saving efforts a step further – designate an hour each day to turn off all the lights and electronic devices in your household.

10. Use your own utensils when buying takeout from a local restaurant or food truck.

11. Save money by eating more vegetables instead of meat. Better yet, start your own vegetable garden.

12. Assign everyone in your household a refillable water bottle to use at home to reduce frequency of handwashing cups or using the dishwasher. Continue using it at work, school and beyond when the stay-at-home order ends.

13. To save water, teach your family how to tighten up the faucet, turn off water when brushing teeth and make simple rain barrels.

14. Test your kid’s knowledge by taking this fun recycling quiz.

15. Learn more about the anniversary by checking out our Virtual Earth Day activities and joining with the movement on the national Earth Day website.


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